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From our Pastor 

"I believe that God loves all mankind; His desire is that every person would receive their right to become a child of God, accepted through faith in Jesus Christ, paid for on Calvary by His blood, so that we might all be complete in Him; exploring our full potential, enjoying an everlasting hope in the knowledge of a secure eternal destiny! "​



1. For Jesus to be the focus; the Good News of salvation, eternity remains as central to everything

2. Co-operation with the Holy Spirit. The Helper, the One who gives wisdom; He is described as “Power from On High,” the fruit of and the gifts become part of the very fabric of the Believers life

• No matter what the lighting
• No matter what the music 
• No matter how we dress a building up


Even though all these and more are good, without Jesus as the centre and the Holy Spirit moving within a Congregation, it’s merely a meeting

A place where Love, Hope, Faith, Goodness, and so much more is preached with Jesus as our Saviour and the Holy Spirit as our Helper!

There is so much to the dynamic of Church! 

Prayer, encouragement, fellowship, friendship, teaching, praise & worship, joy, and oh so much more!

But if Jesus is not centre & the Holy Spirit is not welcome, it all amounts to naught!

Praise God for all the Church is and does! There are so many that do focus on Jesus and are led by the Holy Spirit

Pastor Chris Maynard
Ph. 0416 453 864

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